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Why should you want to work from home?


Everybody talks about working from home, opening up their own small business, quitting their job, spending time with family, and so on.


Very few people actually follow through. Why? Fear, knowledge, money, time, etc.


There is usually always something that will or can get in your way.


You have taken it a step further...You have taken the first step to actually doing it...You are one step closer to being one of those people we all dream to be.


Did you know:

  •  We have the most Americans ever that are not working
  • Over 50% of new jobs in the next 10 years will be at or near minimum wage
  • The American Bankruptcy Institute are reporting record number of bankruptcies 

 We could go on and on but the numbers get more and more depressing.

Let's face it, even without this data we all still have a reason.

Only you know what drove you here today. Only you know the reason why you not only want to work at home but you need to.


You will always be the key ingredient in determining whether working at home is right for you.




Working at home offers an alternative


We listed some of the reasons why one should want to work at home but what does working at home really give you.

Work from home businesses currently generate over $400 billion dollars a year in revenue.


The average start-up cost to own a franchise business is over $85,000. The average for a home-based business is under $500.


Other benefits of working from home include:

  •            The average worker spends over 40 minutes a day in traffic. Home based business owners can walk to work. 
  •            Over 65% of people claim they don't get enough sleep. A home based business person can sleep when and for how long they choose.  
  •             The average income in North America is $43,000. The average home-based business income is $64,000. 
  •            The average American is away from home 12 hours per day. Hours that you could be spending with family or friends.  
  •             Over half of all Americans are behind on their retirement savings. A home-based business can help you save for that retirement.



What Are Your Options?

It really is up to you. You can make the choice as to what direction you want to go with your work life.

Which option is best for your future?

  •            Not Working - This is only an option if you have enough money that your money can work for you. This doesn't apply to very many people. Only 2% of Americans generate true wealth.

  •            Work for Someone - Lets face it. This is what most people choose to do. Most do it because it is what they have been taught to do. Others do it because they are afraid to try something different. You give them your time, your skills and your life.

    What do they give you? A check every week...while they get rich. If you are lucky, you won't be downsized, laid off, fired or phased out.


  •            Work for Yourself - Working for yourself can be scary. How do you get started? What kind of business? How does it all work? Here are some options

o   Start from scratch - Very few (15-20%) of these types of business are still alive after 5 years. Of the ones that are, very few are profitable. Most of these businesses require even more time than a traditional job and the pay is typically less.

o   Franchise - Franchises can be very profitable because they have a business plan in place. However, the start-up costs average over $87,000. Then you have to consider real estate, construction and more.


Personal Franchise - This business model includes just yourself. It has small start-up costs, it requires little risk and can be making money quick. As long as you have a proven business plan, this method is the quickest and easiest way to generate wealth.




What is Driving You?


You are here for your own reasons. Extra money, replace your day job, out of work, save for retirement and more.


Whatever your reason, chances are that you don't like where you are right now. The world is filled with people who look for work. The most successful people look for opportunities.


Regardless of your reason for being here, our step by step business can help you obtain your goals.


In fact, most of the people we work with have very little knowledge about business. They typically have even less knowledge about the internet or advertising. Your experience level is not important to how successful you become with this business model.


To be successful, we have identified some key characteristics. If you possess these characteristics or if you think you can, then you are exactly who we are looking for.


  •     Serious - listen...this is not an opportunity for just anyone. We only want to work with people who are serious about earning some real money. If you know that you can't take this business seriously, then this is not the business for you.

  •     Teachable - We have a proven business plan to help make you successful. There is no guessing on how to do something. We need you to be willing to be taught. If you are willing to be taught, then you can learn the endless paycheck system and put it to work for you and your family.

  •     Willing to Work - This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will have to put forth an effort to see results. We have cut the learning curve way down by supplying the proven business plan but you will still have to put your time and energy into the business.



What Are You Going To Do?

The time is here...


You need to decide...


Are you going to take a chance at changing your life?


Are you going to finally take that step of making your dreams into a reality?


The possibilities are there. Common people can earn uncommon income. Armed with a proven plan of action, you will be ready to own, run and succeed with your own business.


Are you ready to take responsibility of your financial future?


Is your job or the Government really going to take care of you?


Make the decision...Think about what YOU want...Things can change.


Answer these questions to see if you are right for us

  • Are you willing to work?
  • Are you teachable?
  • Are you serious?
  •  Do you have a strong desire to change your situation?
  •  Are you ready?

If you can answer these questions yes, we want you. We want you to come in business with us and succeed with the step-by-step proven system.


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